Sunday, June 1, 2014

Mobile Thing 2

OK so this mobile thing isn't  just about apps. It's about learning about your device and all the different choices you can make to share, discover, protect and use your device.  It is nice though to make your device as useful as you can. By getting familiar with the device it saves time and frustration in the long run. My android let's you view two apps at once. It was nice to take the time to see how that functions, I also set a new sound for my notifications.

Usually I don't look at the manual until I think I need some direction.

Mobile thing 1

Mobile thing one:
It's June 1st, where have the last four months gone? I didn't intend to start doing the 23 Mobile Things so late but here I go!
I had no clue what an app was and didn't understand and all the hype about developing your own apps. Then one day I looked into this app thing and found one that told me when to take a break from my computer. Well, that was neat so I've looked at many more since and am amazed what people all think of to make your day more productive or less with all the games you can play.
What I'm hoping to get out of this program is to get introduced to apps that maybe  I don't know about or wouldn't be interested in. Maybe someone will even enlighten me as to why a certain app is useful.  Maybe, I'll become a blogger when this is completed!